A small change can make all the difference in the world….and be exactly what you need!

Usually when I get home, I throw all of my stuff on the counter in my kitchen and attempt to get something done on my long to-do list when all I really want to do is workout because it’s what I love. The stress and thoughts about all those “to do’s” makes it really hard to find the motivation to workout, even though it’s my passion! We are all human! I realized today that by having ALL of my stuff cluttered in the kitchen, it was overwhelming me and making my stress words. So, I decided to simplify. I put my work stuff in the dining room and moved all of my exercise stuff to the basement. After that small change, I felt so much relief from the pressure that just looking at all the clutter caused and I found my motivation to workout. I was in a new place, my basement, and that change made such a huge difference. It was like doing a whole new workout. So, think about what is blocking you from working out, make a small change, and see what a miraculous difference it can make when you believe it can. Being stagnant is one of the biggest barriers to motivation, so knock it down and try something new! You may just find a whole new appreciation for fitness 🙂 ~ love from Resiliency Fitness! Have a great week everyone!!

RF_final 2



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