The Biggest Loser~ The Secret Behind The Weekly Weigh-In

Each time I watched the Biggest Loser, I remember thinking to myself: How is it possible for someone to lose 15 pounds in one week? Well, I was recently given an article that answered my question: “They aren’t.”  Recently, one of the contestants, Andrew “Cosi” Costello came forward with some shocking truths about the secrets behind this astonishing weight-loss. He said the “weekly weigh-in” was never filmed after just one week. In reality, there was up to a 25 day gap between weigh-ins. There’s a big difference between 1 week and 3 1/2.  He said exactly what I was thinking: People get inspired to get off the couch, get moving, and eat healthy, But, in the real world, when people work all week and don’t lose that kind of weight, some people feel like they’ve failed and give up. That, right there, is the problem. This misconception isn’t just caused by The Biggest Loser, but by society as a whole. I want to change that.

The reason I’m sharing this has nothing to do with creating drama or whistle-blowing. I am sharing this because of the effect I think it has on people who are trying to lose weight and get into shape in real-life. I can sense the frustration of those watching this show, witnessing people lose 10-20 pounds, while they may have lost 1 after working out and eating healthy all week. If it was me, I’d be wondering what I was doing wrong, why I wasn’t losing weight that quickly. I’d become discouraged too. That’s when the frustration leads to setbacks and eventually, giving up. It makes me really upset because it gives the world a completely distorted perception of what is possible and not possible when trying to lose weight and become more healthy. Everyone is different and everyone will lose weight at a different pace. However, for people to think that they should be able to lose 10 pounds per week or they “aren’t doing enough” just isn’t right. So, I need you to understand the implications of this so that you aren’t so incredibly hard on yourself over something that isn’t even comparable. There’s a big difference between the progress someone is able to make in 7 days vs. 25 days. Plus, the people on the show workout for an unreasonable amount of hours per day and, as it said in the article, were also extremely dehydrated before the weigh-in.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this show is great because it motivates and inspires others to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. It shows people that everyone can get out there, workout, and lose weight. Just keep it realistic when comparing it to your own life. You do you! Work hard, eat healthy, love life. That’s what you need to do to change your life. The inches will come off, so please, please don’t quit. You can do this…. keep it in perspective, and don’t be defined by the scale.



2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser~ The Secret Behind The Weekly Weigh-In

  1. I like this(there is so much deception about weight loss though), you have said KEY things I will emblazon on my heart. Everyone is different including our body types/genetics. While I embrace hard work and pushing myself beyond common limitations like bad eating and not working out, i Must never compare one person who lost 5 to 10 or more kilos in a month to myself. Everyday i do my bit and remain grateful as the pounds fall off. It is a lifestyle change we must maintain for years to come not a quick fix 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your insightful reply to this blog post! You are completely right (and I hope many more women see this!), everyone has a different body type and no two people are the same. Being present and mindfully looking around the gym, a fitness class, and places such as the mall, restaurants, and the grocery store is so important to really SEE this difference. Too often, people just look around and compare themselves instead of accepting that everyone is uniquely different and special. Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same! 🙂 …… Your statement about doing your best every single day and being grateful for small victories is so vital. Putting a great deal of pressure on oneself will just cause anguish and a feeling of failure/defeat. However, like you said, if you let that go, the pounds will go as well. Thank you for relaying that message and sharing your own story to help others. Your positive mentality about maintaining a healthy lifestyle (not just for a few weeks), will lead you towards the life you want and absolutely deserve 🙂

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