New Resiliency Fitness site is up!

I’m very excited to announce that the new Resiliency Fitness site is live! Find me at ! Subscribe to the newsletter and get free email updates on the latest news and innovations in health, fitness, and mental resiliency! New blog posts will be on this site, but this WordPress blog will still be available to all. On the new site, I’m very excited to also include more recipes, workouts, The Wellness Shop, and the new online program I’ve developed along with fitness pro Jaime Brenkus, creator of the 8-Minute Abs series! It is called “The Scale-Down,” a program that integrates fitness, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and “The Wellness Workshop,” a component of the system that makes it unlike any other health and wellness program out there! I’ll have an intro video describing the workshop on the Resiliency Fitness site soon, so check-in often! I am very excited to embark on this new journey, so come visit me at !

Yours in health and resiliency,



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