5 Most Effective Ways to Transform into a “Morning Workout Person”

How many times have you heard (or asked) the question:

“When is the best time to workout?”


Typically, the answer is when you make time, whether that’s in the morning, after work, after dinner, or on your lunch break. In our hectic world, it is better to workout at some point in the day than not workout at all. But, working out in the morning has some serious benefits that will make building a sweat worth getting out of bed:

–  You are much more productive throughout the day.

–  You are much more likely to make healthy food choices.

–  You are less stressed knowing you already worked out and don’t have to worry about finding time later in the day.

–  You are better able to cope with unexpected tasks or decisions.

–  Early morning endorphins boost your mood for the rest of the day.

–  You will actually have MORE energy after a great workout, not less.


1.     Be Ready to Workout—the Night Before

Just thinking about rushing around trying to find workout clothes when you’re half asleep will make you want to curl back up in bed. So, why not get ready the night before? Put your workout clothes on your nightstand or next to your bed.

When you get up, grab them, change, and off you go! No rushing around like a crazy person! Bonus: You’ll cut about 15 minutes off your morning routine~ one less reason to pull the covers over your head.


2.    The Old Buddy System- “Virtual Style”

It’s all about accountability. Have a friend type a post on Facebook or Twitter that says something like “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow at 6:30 am!” ~ and then tag you or several people meeting at the gym to workout or for a class. Now everyone knows where you should be at 6:30 the next morning! You just got called out- to become healthier! Knowing that you are getting to see positive people that are caring and supportive will also help you get out of bed. Friends are looking out for you and cheering you on!


3.    Put Mints in Your Nightstand

Really? That’s what I thought too. I read this tip from Brett Hoebel, fitness trainer and founder of Hoebel Fitness. He suggested that the sugar in the mint will wake up your brain and trigger your taste buds into thinking that food is on its way. Plus, no morning breath! I tried this for a week (thinking there’s no way it’s is going to help) and it actually worked. I could get out of bed and get ready for my workout so much more easily than without the mint. Weird? Yes, Worth trying? Absolutely.


4.   Put Your Alarm Clock Across the Room

That alarm clock is blaring from the other side of the room, refusing to let you sleep. You can’t just turn over and hit the snooze button. To shut that annoying sound off, you have to physically get out of bed, walk across the room, and turn it off. Since you’re already up and out of bed, you’ve just made it through the hardest step! I know that bed might be calling your name, beckoning you to return and cuddle, but it will have to wait for later that night.


5. Use the IFTTT App

The what?? I learned about this at the SMART Success Academy; and it is just too cool. It stands for “If This, Then That.” You create “recipes” using your phone and/or all channels of social media. For a morning workout, you can make a recipe that basically states: “If the time is 6:00 am, then I need to get up and out of bed. That means I need a wake-up call on my phone, just like at a hotel.” The recipe can be whatever works for you. You can have the app call your phone and when you pick up, you hear an actual recording of your own voice saying something like “OK; you’re up! It’s a new day, time to do that workout! Think about how amazing you are going to feel after!” Go to www.IFTTT.com to learn the in’s and out’s and how to make your own recipe. It can be used in so many ways; you’ll love it!


Working out in the morning is no easy task. (I am nowhere near perfect at this, trust me) If it was, everyone would be exercising at 6:00 am! Time, patience, and practice is what it takes. You can learn a new habit in just 21 days. Commit to this new habit. You won’t regret it.


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The Second “No-Time” Factor: The Non-Negotiable Schedule

Most days when I get to work, the first thing I do is make a to-do list. I’m sure the vast majority of you do the same. The first pitfall is putting too much on your to-do list….. What is at the top of your priority list? Focus on five things that day, and one of them needs to be exercise. You can’t accomplish a list of 20 things, or you’ll fee like you’ve accomplished nothing. Been there, done that! If it can wait, let it wait. Ok, that’s my rant about to-do lists. Trust me, I love them, live by them, but sometimes they get the best of me! I’m just passing on some things I’ve learned about the to-do list dangers over the years. (I know some of you are laughing because I truly do put too much on my plate most of the time. Everyone has something to work on, and that’s mine 🙂 No one’s perfect!)

Making a weekly schedule is so important when it comes to integrating exercise and proper nutrition into your lifestyle. What is the most convenient time to exercise for you? And don’t say “never,” find a half hour in your day to start with. Say, the most convenient time for you to workout is at 6:30am. Well, block off 6:30-7:00am each day on your calendar for your workout time, for the “you” time you deserve. If your time is at 7:00-7:30pm, then block that off, and so on and so forth. Make that time non-negotiable. It’s set in stone. If someone asks you to do something during that time, look at your calendar and say “Oh, you know, I already have something scheduled at that time” and coordinate another time.


The same goes for eating, and eating nutritiously. I can’t say enough about easy ways to portion out food and pack lunches.  For example, marinate and cook up a package of all-natural white meat chicken, slice it up, put it in a container with veggies (like Steamfresh) and voilà! Lunch is ready to go. The same goes for breakfast. Everyone can grab a protein bar or a yogurt and a 100 calorie pack of almonds. Each little change makes you see that it’s really not that hard to prepare for the day! Also, make a schedule for when you need to eat, and if you have to, set an alarm. If you’re like me, sometimes you get so caught up in what you’re doing you forget to eat until your body is yelling at you!

Schedule meals and snacks about 2-3 hours apart, and make sure you fuel your body at the time you have set. When you’re blood sugar drops, it causes confusion, irritability, anxiety, weakness, and many other things. Don’t let that happen. By making a schedule, you’ll avoid this dangerous eating pitfall. In my next post, I’ll talk about the important of eating often, what to eat, when to eat it, and how foods affect our mood and mental health. Each day, just like a to-do list, write out what foods you’ll eat at what time, and make those just as non-negotiable as your workout schedule. It will get easier and easier and in time, will become habit. Remember, take small steps towards this goal, and don’t try to completely uproot your life. Trust me, the pressure and anxiety it causes will eventually wear you down and you’ll go right back to old habits. If you need some templates for scheduling meals/snacks or workouts, let me know and I’d be more than happy to share those with you! I’m here to help you succeed!

Make sure you read my post about nutrition, because it has so much valuable info about the importance of eating breakfast, why you need protein at breakfast, how much protein you should be eating throughout the day, etc. It will give you some tools to put in your arsenal as you venture along on this journey.


Resiliency Is Something You Learn

Even I have to remind myself about what it means to be resilient. Resiliency is something you learn, not something you were born with. So, I really have to focus on embodying this attitude just like everyone else. If I can believe in it through everything I’ve been through, I have no doubt that anyone can. I made this and have it on my wall at home. Make one of your own and look at it everyday. Be strong. Have faith. Learn to be resilient.


Fear Less, Love More

When we put your fears aside, we make room for love to come into our hearts. Love gives us memories to cherish and strength to get through hard times. Love isn’t about you. Love is a gift that is meant to be shared. Love deeply, without fear, for love is one of life’s greatest treasures. Don’t take it for granted.


Sometimes you need to run away to get back to the person you are meant to be…

You are not your to-do list. You are not your must-dos or have-tos. You are not your job. Even if most of your day consists of meeting the needs of others, you are, mostly importantly, yourself. When you wake up, let that be your first thought. Remember it. Believe it. Even if the only way to remind yourself means running away from everything and everyone you love and cherish, do it. Sometimes running away gets you back to where you want to be. It recharges and refreshes your soul. If you can’t make time to love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.


escape fall 2

Don’t feel guilty when you take time away for yourself to workout! Get rid of that negative inner voice that says you are  a bad friend, or parent, or son/daughter for taking time for you.  Have the confidence in yourself to believe that when you take the time to workout, you are being a BETTER friend, parent, or son/daughter. You are more patient, more enthusiastic, have more energy, and you are happier. It’s the truth, don’t fight it. I promise the world will survive if you have to eat leftovers because you didn’t have time to make dinner, or didn’t get clothes washed that day, or couldn’t reply to every single person’s email. Be kind to yourself. You would never be this hard on someone else, so stop doing it to yourself!


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In order to succeed and reach your fitness goals, you have to release the self-condemnation that you’re not devoting 100% of your time to everyone else but yourself. You’re not being selfish. Just let it go. Close your eyes and visualize putting all that guilt and that negative self-talk and anything else stopping you into a red balloon and then releasing that balloon into the sky. Watch it float away, along with everything you put in it, and get away from it all to do something for yourself. The world can wait. You shouldn’t have to.


escape fall

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Motivational Monday~ Be a real-life superhero!

Motivational Monday~ Be a real-life superhero!

It’s Motivation Monday! Christopher Reeves, I think, is the greatest superhero to have ever lived. Yes, he was Superman and could “leap tall buildings in a single bound” and “fly faster than a speeding bullet,” but he was even more amazing when those powers “appeared” to be taken away. People seem to think that super powers only exist on the outside when you can physically do anything better than anyone else, when you are “invincible.” Christopher Reeves showed us that real-life superheroes are powerful because of their INNER strength, not just by how much they can lift or how fast they can run (or fly 😉 ) You have to believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to stop you, just like Christopher Reeves…. That’s the kind of power even kryptonite couldn’t touch, that kind of power is what makes you invincible…