7 Satisfying Protein Snacks For Moms


** Great snacks for new moms! We all know how busy you are, so these snacks will help keep you full longer and stop blood sugar spiked that, let’s face it, you don’t have time for! 🙂 **



Promo Code for Graze Snacks!

Just like I promised! Here’s the promo/friend code for http://www.graze.com to get your 1st and 5th  box FREE! Just click on this link to take you there or go to their homepage and use the promo code as you choose your snacks! Have FUN and choose healthy snacks!! Promo code: DANAT462P


“Why is she posting a picture of a plastic bag??”

The other day I was shopping at Walmart and I was kind of in a hurry~ So, I just grabbed a box of snack-size bags I needed not thinking anything of it. Later that night when I was packing my lunch, I pulled them out and noticed they looked a little different than the normal snack bags! They had actually marked the portion sizes by 1/4 cups on the plastic! How cool is that???? 🙂 So, instead of pulling out the ol’ measuring cup and portioning out snacks that way, all you have to do is fill the bag (up to one cup) based on the bag’s measurements! I wish I would have thought of this! Geez! They are actually the Walmart “great value” brand, but I’m sure they are selling bags like this in other stores. Instead of just snack bags, they are called “portion pack” snack bags. This is such a huge time-saver and such a great idea, I had to share!